Bulk wines: France imports more than it exports

Tuesday March 29 2016 by Vitisphere

A study by French customs has pointed the finger at “France’s weak position in the bulk wine market”. Although this is not really news, the figures themselves are actually quite edifying. The balance of trade is -363 million litres and virtually nil by value. Basically, France imports more bulk wine than it exports and the value of both is virtually identical. This is the conclusion of the report published at the beginning of March by French customs. “France is the world’s sixth largest supplier of bulk wines with a 6% market share by volume, compared with 33% for Spain which ranks first”. The study goes on to highlight France’s status as an importer country, accounting for 13% of bulk volumes, behind Germany which imports a quarter of the total.

France’s low-key presence in the global bulk wine market needs to be put in the context of a growing market for bulk wines. These “are growing faster than wine sales in the aggregate at +6.5% a year by value and +4.5% by volume compared with +5.2% by value for wines across the board”, emphasises the report. It goes on to observe: “Implementation as of 2016 of a European ruling allowing an increase in national area under vine of 1% of total vineyard area which may allow France to regain market shares by producing a little more entry-level wine”.


[ Source: Vitisphere. Photo: Concha y Toro ]


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