Forthcoming stages of the Tour de France will have an area dedicated to wine

Saturday March 19 2016 by Vitisphere

At this year’s agricultural show in Paris, Christian Prudhomme and Bernard Hinault of Amaury sport organisation, which organises the Tour de France, visited the wine pavilion. Along with industry leader Jérôme Despey, they explained they had been working together for a year, which begs the question: Was all the controversy over the presence of Chilean wines on the Tour really necessary then? Jérôme Despey, vice-chairman of agricultural union FNSEA, and Amaury sport organisation have been working together to secure exposure for French wines on the Tour de France. “Forthcoming stages of the Tour de France will have an area dedicated to wine”, was the joint announcement made by Jérôme Despey and Christian Prudhomme during a visit by the delegation to the wine pavilion at the agricultural show on March 3.

After clarification of advertising legislation for drinks, the Loi Evin, it will now become legal to distribute explanatory information sheets on wine regions.

The one issue that still has to be resolved is exposure for French wines via the advertising ‘caravan’; in France, the Loi Evin bans promotion of alcoholic drinks during sporting events. “Regarding MPs who spoke out about the controversy, it is up to them to raise the issue and put France on an equal footing with other countries”, said Jérôme Despey, hinting at the stance taken by Carole Delga, the newly-elected chair of the Midi-Pyrenees-Languedoc-Roussillon regional council. In other countries that welcome the Tour de France, marketing boards and companies can choose whether or not to fund an advertising car. “Each one is allowed to make the decision in accordance with its promotion strategy”, commented Jérôme Despey, before murmuring, “we are considering our options for the post-2017 period”.


[ Source: Vitisphere; Photo: A.S.O ]


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