Wine and nutrition: The Mediterranean diet comes under the scientific scrutiny of UNESCO

Friday March 11 2016 by Vitisphere

Researchers from a variety of backgrounds will convene in Hyères-Les-Palmiers on March 9 and 10 to discuss the Mediterranean diet and the part played by wine.
The Mediterranean ‘wine and nutrition’ conference has been placed under the aegis of the Unesco chair of Wine Culture and Tradition. It is designed to shed scientific light on the nutritional and cultural aspects of the lifestyle associated with the Mediterranean civilisation. It will be attended not only by French researchers but also by delegates from Spain and Italy and will deal with the broad-ranging topics connected with the Mediterranean diet such as its effects on the cardiovascular system, cognitive ageing, inflammation, the part played by polyphenols, cancer and sensoriality. “The idea is not to hold a symposium on the Mediterranean diet alone but to associate it with wine. It will therefore address both health benefits and lifestyle issues”, explains Professor Norbert Latruffe from the University of Burgundy who is a member of the Unesco chair. The symposium is designed to show how wine can play a balanced part in a diet with recognised nutritional qualities.


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