Jacques Gravegeal: “If we cannot respond to demand for varietal wines, merchants will look elsewhere”

Wednesday December 30 2015 by Vitisphere

Jacques Gravegeal has again sent out a clear message regarding planting rights. At the AGM of the growers’ organisation he chairs, he again called for the PGI Pays d’Oc wine region to be extended by 30,000 hectares. “Demand for varietal wines continues to grow. If we cannot respond to that demand, merchants will look elsewhere,” he argued. His speech was followed by a presentation by young wine grower Samuel Mas from Saint-Bauzille de Montmel near Montpellier, who outlined the backdrop against which young people need to be encouraged to enter the wine industry. “60% of the region’s wine growers are over 55 and three-quarters of them have no one lined up to take over their property. This translates to 165,000 hectares where there is no guarantee that wine growing will continue”. The young wine grower, who started up in 2011 and has 20 ha under vine, then went on to list all the hurdles that prevent young people from joining the industry: legal, economic and tax issues are among them, though the major barrier is access to land.

A new land management tool has to be introduced. The fund, which would allow land to be purchased gradually at 0% finance, should bring together all industry players and local authorities”, he suggested. His call has already been met with the approval of the Pays d’Oc growers’ organisation. “We need a Marshall Plan to incentivize those who want to join us. We are going to set up this tool and ask politicians to help us rise to the challenge. I have made an appointment to see Carole Delga, the new chair of the regional council, to discuss the future of the wine industry”, promised Jacques Gravegeal.  


[ Source: Vitisphere-La Vigne ]


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