New campaign prompts reproof from anti-alcohol lobby

Wednesday December 16 2015 by Vitisphere

France’s national association for the prevention of alcohol addiction, ANPAA, has condemned an advertising campaign commissioned by industry organization Vin & Societé, claiming that “the wine lobby has fully flexed its advertising muscle, even before the Loi Evin is officially dismantled”. The campaign, which launched on December 6 with the strapline “I love and respect wine”, aims to make the French more aware of sensible drinking levels. According to ANPAA, the guidelines turn the levels into the norm and make drinking socially acceptable by using “grapes recalling a well-known brand of sweets”.

The sensible drinking levels themselves have been called into question by the French National Authority for Health which in a press statement said they were merely a tool designed for health professionals to help them identify hazardous drinking habits. Vin & Société has countered the statement by pointing out that these are the official guidelines as published on the websites of the National Health Plan (PNNS), the social security agency and INPES, the French national institution for prevention and health education.

Until midday on December 9, they were also featured on the alcohol helpline website. “If these are not the right guidelines then we will be questioning the health authorities to find out what is considered to be sensible drinking. If it is 0 then responsibility will have to be taken for this”, warns Vin & Société. ANPAA continued its diatribe: “Through this unreasonably expensive advertising campaign, the alcohol lobby is publicly demonstrating its power by overtly provoking members of parliament who have yet to cast their final vote on the health bill. Advertising will not benefit the lesser-known regions, it will be widespread and its primary objective will be to increase alcohol consumption in our country. This huge investment will generate commensurate costs in terms of health and social consequences”. The statement is specifically designed to try and reverse the decision on clarification of the Loi Evin. But for Vin & Société, ANPAA is deliberating creating confusion: “The campaign abides by the rules of the Loi Evin as they were prior to the vote and has nothing to do with changes related to promoting wine tourism”. The campaign runs until December 21.


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