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Provence: The 2015 crop will cover supply needs

Par Vitisphere Le 12 décembre 2015
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Provence: The 2015 crop will cover supply needs

n average-sized 2015 crop should allow Provence’s wine companies to meet market requirements which are currently on the increase. “There is enough wine for everyone to continue working normally”, said Michel Couderc, head of the economic department of the Provence wine marketing board CIVP during its AGM on November 27. In terms of pricing, bulk transactions would seem to be on a par with last year.

The 2015 harvest has over-delivered on quality and volumes will ensure supplies for all our markets”, stated Alain Baccino, the marketing board’s chairman at the AGM. This year’s crop is estimated at 1.29 million hectolitres, including 1.14 million of rosé wines. After two short crops – in 2012 and 2013 – followed by a bumper harvest in 2014, Provence has returned to what it describes as “normal” production levels in 2015.

Taking into account the recent harvest and stocks remaining at the end of this year, marketable volumes of rosé for 2016 should be equivalent to those available in 2015. “That should be enough to supply markets because it leaves us room for growth in volume sales”, explained Michel Couderc. “The current picture regarding availabilities shows that the situation is relatively stable; trading can start on a good basis for producers and shippers and that’s a good thing”, confirmed Alain Baccino.

From a price perspective, the first few weeks of trading in bulk for the 2015 vintage occurred “along similar lines to the previous vintage, with variations depending on quality”. Last year, the average price of Côtes de Provence reached €209/hectolitre. “We will see if the trend is confirmed over the coming weeks”, concluded Michel Couderc.


[Source: Vitisphere; Illustration: CIVP]

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