Independent wine growers focus on direct sales

Tuesday December 08 2015 by Vitisphere

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, independent wine growers decided to go ahead with their annual November wine show at the Porte de Versailles exhibition centre which allows them to engage with consumers in the greater Paris area. For the other eleven months of the year, their clients can now buy their wines directly online.

Last February, the national federation of independent wine growers launched a new online sales platform which now hosts 650 wine growers from across the country. The e-commerce website is starting to attract a following according to Jean-Jacques Jarjanette, the federation’s managing director, who estimates that turnover has already reached 100,000 euros a month, or the equivalent of 10,000 bottles in sales.

This is an excellent start”, he said with undisguised pride. “Just like with new wine shows, it takes a little while for everything to slot into place but it is important for us to have an internet presence and offer consumers a broad-ranging online platform for direct sales”.

The federation is also diversifying use of the website to make life easier for its members. Wine growers with a presence on the website can now use the logistics centre in Mâcon – where all the wines are centralised – for deliveries of wines, including those that have not been ordered via the website. Thomas Montagne, chairman of the independent wine growers, has even suggested that in the near future, agents may be able to mix orders from several different wine growers and collect the wines from the centralised warehouse.

Also, as of January 1st, wine growers will be able to offer their Belgian customers the chance to buy wines from the website. This is a small victory for the federation which is faced with a number of administrative and tax hurdles along the route from producer to consumer. By having a tax representative in the country of destination, shipments to Belgium are now authorised. The federation hopes to do the same for sales to Germany and England in the very near future.


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