A mixture of sadness and joy surrounds Beaujolais Nouveau launch

Sunday November 22 2015 by Vitisphere

A mixture of sadness and joy surrounds Beaujolais Nouveau launch

In keeping with the spirit of their new advertising campaign rolled out this year, which focuses on the ‘human’ side of Beaujolais wine production, growers decided to “create a splash” in Paris on Thursday November 19, the official launch date. Around fifty “male and female co-operative and independent wine growers” met at dawn in Villefranche-sur-Saône before travelling to Paris by coach. During the day, they visited some 30 Parisian bistrots and bars, punctuated by stops at the capital’s iconic tourist hotspots – the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Sacré Coeur – to “chat with tourists and Parisians about the art of winemaking and Beaujolais Nouveaux”. At every stop, a “souvenir photo” was taken. The growers drove around Paris in 20 Citroen 2CVs, “symbolising French tradition”, decorated with Beaujolais colours, which were unlikely to have gone unnoticed in the streets of Paris this Thursday. Generalist media – radio, tv and newspapers – were told in advance the growers would be coming to Paris.

Although producers are keen to mark the event, they have in no way forgotten the tragic events of Friday 13 November in Paris. All of them will be wearing a black armband, they will observe a minute’s silence and will sing the French national anthem during one of their stops. They have also adapted their activities to make them “less festive”. “We will inject a friendly spirit but will not be partying”, summed up David Ratigné, a wine grower and member of the marketing organisation. “We are going to put a bit of life back into Parisian bars and bistrots and show them that we support them, particularly as they were the targets of the attacks”, he explained. All of the venues selected confirmed at the start of the week that they wanted the show to go on.

InterBeaujolais has also announced that the main events marking the arrival of Beaujolais Nouveaux 2015 will go ahead as planned, “at a time when our culture and lifestyle are under threat. Their release has been celebrated in France and overseas for over 60 years. Beaujolais Nouveaux symbolise French culture, its lifestyle and values and will uphold tradition, proud, more than ever, to be French!” explained the marketing board in a press statement.


[Source: Vitisphere; Photo: InterBeaujolais]


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