Christelle Acosta: “2015 is already a great vintage and will become legendary” in the Rhone

Friday November 20 2015 by Vitisphere

Christelle Acosta: “2015 is already a great vintage and will become legendary” in the Rhone

As technical director of M. Chapoutier in Tain l’Hermitage, Christelle Acosta had a bird’s eye view of progress in the vineyards throughout this year’s growing season in the Northern Côtes du Rhône. She claims: “We hadn’t witnessed such a hot season for a long time – the previous heat waves date back to 2005 and 2003 – but despite this, we will soon be hailing a legendary 2015 vintage”. Whilst the 2003 and 2005 vintages are considered to be too sunny, ‘baked’ even, 2015 is much more promising. “We were able to benefit from past experience and avoid the pitfalls of excessive heat. The year is thus ending with exceptionally promising wines”, believes Christelle Acosta. She expounds further: “Although the heat and lack of water during the season go against the grain when it comes to producing top quality white wines, an early harvest allowed us to pick extremely well-balanced, ripe white grapes”. The winemaking process is still a work in progress and has reached the cask stage. The reds are showing similar potential: “We will produce wines for cellaring with a lot of aroma”, predicts Françoise Dijon, head of the Rhone vineyard monitoring centre at marketing board InterRhône, with great satisfaction. “We can expect superb blends. It’s going to be very exciting!

Rhone wine companies are not only overjoyed at the quality of the vintage, they are also extremely pleased about a second increase in yields, after that of 2014. However, although yields are expected to rise by between 5 and 10% this year, memories of the very short 2013 crop are still very vivid.


[Source: Vitisphere; Photo: 2015 harvest at Ermitage; M. Chapoutier]


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