Product placement: Angélus features in latest Bond movie

Monday November 16 2015 by Vitisphere

Product placement: Angélus features in latest Bond movie

In the world of the most famous secret agent, where nuclear physicists are built like models and sports cars have ejector seats as standard, buffet cars invariably offer a selection of top Saint-Emilion classified growths. In Casino Royale* in 2006, the 1982 vintage featured on the wine list of a train bound for Montenegro. Now, in the latest opus of the Bond series, Spectre, which launched in French cinemas on November 11, Château Angelus’ 2005 vintage appears on the table of a train crossing the Moroccan desert. This time, though, 007 chooses his iconic signature cocktail, vodka-martini, “shaken not stirred”, rather than the Right Bank growth. Angélus’ placement is extremely low-profile and is a mere glimpse at the label rather than a true marketing incentive. Its presence is due to the long-standing friendship between Angélus co-owner Hubert de Bouärd, and franchise producer Barbara Broccoli of EON Production. The relationship may well continue over the long term, as it has with Bollinger Champagne. After featuring for the first time in the Live and Let Die film in 1973, the house’s Champagnes have been official sponsors of James Bond films since 1979, with Moonraker. Bollinger Champagne, whose R.D. 2002 label is served in Spectre, makes more than just a token appearance in the films – the company has even produced a special 007 boxed edition of its 2009 vintage.

One interesting fact is that Château Angélus’ appearance in one of the most famous, and lucrative film series in the world, came prior to its classification as a Saint-Emilion First Classed Great Growth A in 2012. Hubert de Bouärd, who paraded around in a white dinner jacket in the documentary by Isabelle Saporta, Vino Business, is extremely proud of this double success.


* The train scene flaunts product placements. Actress Eva Green (aka Vesper Lynd in the film), asks Daniel Craig – in his sixth official role as James Bond – if he is wearing a Rolex watch, to which he replies quite simply, ‘Omega’. The ubiquity of luxury brands in the Bond films is a direct throwback to the Ian Fleming novels where his hero is thus given seductive and life-like depth.


[Photo: Danjaq-MGM-CPII; 2015]


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