Hospices de Beaune: “A vintage that needs to be watched closely”

Saturday November 07 2015 by Vitisphere

Hospices de Beaune: “A vintage that needs to be watched closely”

After taking up the mantle of vineyard manager and winemaker of the Hospices de Beaune wine estate last January, Ludivine Griveau tackled her first Burgundy vintage alone this year. A few weeks before the famous charity auction in Beaune, she reviewed progress in the winery so far.

Questioned by auctioneers Christies, who manage the sale, Ludivine Griveau claimed that this year’s whites were tending towards “rich fruitiness, driven mainly by notes of ripe apricot, bush peach and acacia blossom. Natural alcohol content is quite high. Acidity balance is surprising, pH levels remain low and there is not much malic acid”. Although she pointed out that the crop was very healthy, she nevertheless claimed that “work in the winery is not that easy. It is quite an atypical vintage that needs to be watched closely and tasted often to ascertain how often to stir the whites sensibly and when to rack the reds, after fermentation and maceration”.  

In terms of taste potential, she describes the wines’ “lush, rich tannins and very interesting balance between alcohol and acidity levels”. She adds: “Colour is fairly intense with beautiful garnet-red shading. Aromas run the gamut and can vary from fresh black berry fruits to sun-kissed aromas, some of them even filled with spice”.

The 155th Hospices de Beaune charity auction takes place on November 15, 2015. 117 barrels of white and 458 barrels of red wine will be auctioned with most of the proceeds going in aid of work at the Hospices de Beaune hospital and retirement home. The auction will be chaired this year by journalist Claire Chazal and actor Christophe Lambert. The special chairman’s cask will be dedicated to the Institut Curie and the Stroke Research Foundation.

[Source: Vitisphere; Photo of Ludivine Griveau: Maison Albert Bichot


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