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Champagne: A run-down of the harvest so far

Par Vitisphere Le 21 septembre 2015
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Champagne: A run-down of the harvest so far

rape picking began in earnest on September 2 in Champagne and most of the fruit will have been picked by September 18, in compliance with official harvest dates set for each locality and grape variety. As specifications for Champagne stipulate that the grapes must be picked by hand, over 10,000 seasonal workers have been hired for this year’s harvest. In its pre-harvest bulletin, the Champagne wine marketing board (CIVC) noted that “2015 was marked by unprecedented heat and drought conditions that prevailed from the end of May until the middle of August, slightly slowing down bunch development”. Michel Drappier, who runs Maison Drappier in Urville, also sums up 2015 as “a hot, dry year which could well be similar to 1947”, the first vintage involving his father André Drappier. Fortunately, this summer wasn’t only dry: “some timely rain in the second half of August allowed the berries to swell and, combined with sunshine and heat, promoted rapid ripening in optimal conditions”, concluded the CIVC.

Yields for 2015 have been set at 10,000 kg per hectare* and should be reached across the region.


* 500 kg/ha from reserve stocks can be added to 2015 yields.


[Source: Vitisphere; Photo: CIVC]

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