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Cork solutions: Ohlinger joins Nomacorc group

Par Vitisphere Le 31 juillet 2015
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Cork solutions: Ohlinger joins Nomacorc group

merican group Vinvention has taken over German cork manufacturer Ohlinger. Vinvention was discreetly established by entrepreneur Marc Noël, the founder of Nomacorc in 1999 who took over management at the end of 2014, and this is its first high-profile move. Globally, one in eight wine bottles is reportedly already corked using one of the group’s closures. These can be either synthethic corks from Nomacorc – for still wines only, at least currently – or one of Ohlinger’s products: Weincap screwcaps, Vinolok glass closures or the synthetic co-extruded range Safecork for both sparkling and still wines.

The group, which produces 2.5 billion closures annually, clearly aims to become a leading player in the wine cork industry worldwide. It is not alone in this: the group Oeneo (Diam bouchage) has just consolidated its portfolio by taking over the Portuguese cork manufacturer Piedade. 2015 has already marked a major turning point for Nomacorc and other developments may follow this year for the world leader in technological cork solutions; the group has sold 20 billion corks in 15 years. It has already diversified with Wine Quality Solutions, which brings expertise in oxygen management during wine making, and could add new areas of supply and services to its business in the near future. A cursory glance at Vinvention’s website, illustrated by rows of barrels, intimates at possible developments in the future.

Founded in 1953 in Fussgoenheim in the Rhineland-Palatinate region, Ohlinger is ensuring its « trans-generational transition » explains third generation company head Rudolf Ohlinger. A leading supplier to the German market, Ohlinger intends to gradually expand its activities within Europe – a subsidiary company was founded in Italy this year – and then in the global market, where it has gained a foothold by buying the South African cork manufacturer Juvenal last year.

Based in North Carolina, Vinventions is owned by shareholders Marc Noël, investment fund Bespoke Capital Partners as well as industry stakeholders, including Dr Heino Freudenber, the group’s chairman and CEO.



(Source: Vitisphere; Photo: Ohlinger)

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