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Packaging: A new lightweight bottle for Languedoc appellation wines

Par Vitisphere Le 27 juin 2015
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Packaging: A new lightweight bottle for Languedoc appellation wines

he Languedoc wine marketing board CIVL and glass manufacturer Verallia have partnered to produce a new collective, lightweight bottle for Languedoc appellation wines. The ‘Languedoc Ecova’ is 90 g lighter than the previous model, weighing in at 460 g, and is an ‘eco-design’ that generated 16% less CO2 during the production process and transportation; savings in transport were obviously due to its lighter weight. The bottle is available in two colours: dead leaf green and clear glass. It also sports the Languedoc cross: “We want to ensure more widespread distribution of the bottle”, explained Jérôme Villaret, director of the marketing board. “It gives us greater visibility, particularly in export markets. In Asia, especially, the engraved bottle emphasises our identity, which Asian consumers like”.

The Languedoc Ecova was ‘officially’ launched during Vinexpo 2015, but the first orders had already been placed over the weeks preceding the show. If all Languedoc appellation wine producers decided to use it, the manufacturer would potentially have to produce 185 million bottles.

Verallia has also launched a new free app for wine producers - virtual glass. The app provides them support during the packaging design phase, from the choice of the bottle, to the front and back labels and the bottle cap – providing a preview of the finished product. The ‘augmented reality’ technique provides a ‘real world’ view of the prototype. Available from the Appstore and on Google Play, the Virtual Glass application is accessible to all tablet users free of charge. An iPhone version should be available at the beginning of July followed by a PC version in September.


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