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Anivin de France: Bruno Kessler hands chair over to Serge Tintané

Par Vitisphere Le 11 avril 2015
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Anivin de France: Bruno Kessler hands chair over to Serge Tintané

andes wine grower Serge Tintané has taken over from Languedoc merchant Bruno Kessler as chairman of the National French Wine Marketing Association (ANIVIN). Already chairman of the wine branch of co-operative group Vivadour (Gers), Sergé Tintané says he is fully aware of the challenges involved in creating and supplying a true French segment of non-GI table wines. Although he did not wish to comment on his election as chairman of ANIVIN until he settled into his tenure, he did specify that innovation would be the first issue he aimed to tackle. He will undoubtedly be building on the experience gained from Caves & Vignobles du Gers (CVG), Vivadour’s highly successful bulk wine arm*.

Managed by Valérie Pajotin, ANIVIN de France will be the scene of many a debate this year as new quotas of planting rights for non-GI table wines become available. For 2015, Bruno Kessler called for “the development of new, modern vineyards and commitment by a new generation of wine growers and merchants”, stressing that, “to remain the world’s leading player, France has to be present in all wine segments with a clear, multi-faceted and differentiated economic, technical and legal strategy”. To achieve this target, research into the agro-economic optimisation of non-GI table wine production has been carried out and was presented at the latest ANIVIN AGM. The findings of the report, which are highly sensitive, particularly with regards to yields, are due to be published shortly in book form.

Vivadour groups together 160 wine growers over 1,300 hectares of vines producing 130,000 hectolitres of wines annually, mainly whites such as Colombard varietals.

[Source: Vitisphere; Photo of Serge Tintané: DR]

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