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Vinisud: Independent wine growers reject annual format

Par Vitisphere Le 04 avril 2015
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Vinisud: Independent wine growers reject annual format

Independent wine growers in Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence and the Rhone Valley have thrown down the gauntlet at organisers of the, until now, biennial wine show Vinisud over plans to turn it into an annual event. On March 23, the growers issued a press release titled ‘Don’t make Vinisud an annual show’. They say the decision “is only designed to serve private interests and is in total contradiction to the objectives and strategies of independent wine growers. If the change were confirmed, the number of participating companies would fall dramatically,” warns the release.

François-Régis Boussagol, chairman of the Languedoc-Roussillon independent wine growers’ federation, corroborates the statement: “We conducted a survey of our members across the three departments. All of them said they would not be able to afford to exhibit at an annual event”. He issued the following forecast regarding attendance: “If organisers go ahead with plans, one third of exhibitors will not attend, even if a 10% discount is offered to those who agree to take part in every show”.

So if that’s the case, why didn’t the independent growers’ federation oppose the decision at the show’s board meeting? After all, it is a member of the board. “Unfortunately, our representative could not attend the meeting the day the decision was made. However, no agenda for the day’s proceedings was available”, stresses François-Régis Boussagol. He is also sceptical about inviting two other wine regions – Bordeaux and California - to take part in the next Vinisud show. “It’s as if they need to increase the occupancy rate. This is a Mediterranean show trying to go global when it can never compete with Vinexpo or Prowein”.


[Source and photo: Vitisphere]

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