Salon des Vins de Loire: This year’s show saves the day

Monday February 09 2015 by Vitisphere

“We should be nearing 9,000 visitors”, announced Christian Groll, director of the Salon des Vins de Loire as the doors were about to close on the 2015 show. Although final figures have not yet been disclosed, the first and second day of the event saw a slight increase in attendance. “On the basis of this and slightly higher visitor numbers on the last morning, we estimate attendance figures to be higher than last year”. In 2014, 8,700 visitors came to meet Loire wine growers and shippers.

Christian Groll is therefore upbeat about this year’s show and even though exhibitor numbers fell to 375 (approximately 100 fewer than in the past), visitor attendance has saved the day. “The entire Loire valley wine proposition is gathered under one roof: there are 89 appellations and geographical indications from across the region”, said Christian Groll with undisguised pride. He believes that the show successfully brings together buyers, producers and negociants and confirms that Angers is a ‘relevant’ place to discuss Loire wines.

“Every French wine show is experiencing challenging times and must contend with both the recession and the changing face of the wine market”, claims the show’s director who also slips in: “Stands are cheaper here than at Millésime Bio and you get more for your money than just a table and two chairs”.

As in previous years, some exhibitors complained about relatively empty aisles on the third day of the show and called for the event to run over two days instead of three. The show’s director believes this would be a mistake: “I am not in favour of reducing the duration of the show. Our visitors are trade buyers who have little time. We shouldn’t restrict the time frame during which they can visit but rather come up with ways of attracting them on the Wednesday. We are working on that”.


[Souce: Vitisphere; Photo: Salon des vins de Loire]


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