Cognac-Vodka, Grey Goose's next winning formula?

Friday August 29 2014 by Vitisphere

Cognac could soon be adding the VX to the VS, VSOP and XO descriptors.  At least if the next Grey Goose brand extension is as successful as the Bacardi-Martini group’s flagship vodka brand.  A blend of fine cognacs ("cru de Grande Champagne") and vodka, Grey Goose Vodka Exceptionnelle (VX) will be released as a limited edition within an exclusive distribution channel, from 1 September, and supported by a major promotional campaign. As well as adopting the usual Grey Goose identity cues (mountains, flying geese, the French flag, etc.), the new product’s packaging uses the shape of a traditional cognac decanter (with a label which also plays on the initials, in this case VX ).

The Shanken News Daily website believes that Bacardi-Martini’s foray into the arena of hybrid spirits is in response to the Absolut Tune range, a sparkling blend of Absolut Swedish vodka and Sauvignon Blanc wine.  Pernod Ricard has been playing around with champagne identity cues since it launched this product in 2012.  Courvoisier meanwhile, has been producing a Rosé Liqueur, a blend of cognac and Mediterranean red wine, since 2011 (complemented in 2012 by Gold Liqueur, cognac-muscat).

Grey Goose VX was created by François Thibault (photo), the Maître de Chai and founder of the Grey Goose range, which includes the black cherry, lemon, melon, orange and pear flavours, in addition to the original vodka.  Produced in Gensac-la-Pallue, the 75 cl bottle (40% abv) should retail at $ 75.

[Source: Vitisphere; Photos: Bacardi-Martini]



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