Nicolas Feuillatte: the passing of one of the Champagne region’s great names

Thursday August 21 2014 by Vitisphere

Before it was the name of the best selling Champagne in supermarkets and of the largest union of  Champagne cooperatives, Nicolas Feuillatte was the name of a very successful business man, who passed away on 10 August.  He made his fortune in the U.S. at the end of the Second World War (he was the first to import instant coffee), returning to France in the 1970's. Having bought vineyards in Bouleuse (Marne), he launched a champagne bearing his name, which he promoted and distributed through his friends and acquaintances (including the actress Lauren Bacall, who passed away on 12 August).  On 6 March, 1986, he sold his Champagne brand to the Centre Vinicole de la Champagne  (Chouilly), a young vinification and warehousing cooperative seeking to develop its business. Nicolas Feuillatte was thereby able to ensure the growth and longevity of his brand, which had been suffering from a chronic shortage of stock.  Less than thirty years later, Nicolas Feuillatte has become the third biggest brand of Champagne, and the union of 80 cooperatives has been renamed the Centre Vinicole - Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte (CV-CNF).

In 2013, the CV-CNF shipped 10.4 million bottles, with a net profit of € 17.77 million (+9 and +14% compared to 2012). Julie Campos was recently appointed General Manager (click here for further details ).


[Source: Vitisphere; Photo of Nicolas Feuillatte: CV-CNF]


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