Varietal wines: Argentina to get its Malbec glass

Thursday June 12 2014 by Vitisphere


The Austrian glassmaker, Riedel, has recently released a Coca Cola glass specifically designed for the tasting of the famous American soda (its shape "capturing the various spices, aromas and tastes of Coca Cola") and is now preparing to relaunch a glass especially selected to enhance the aromas and taste of the Argentine Malbec.  To this end, Georg Riedel (owner of the Riedel group), visited the Mendoza vineyards in mid-May and conducted a comparative tasting of around fifteen glasses with Argentine experts. All the tasters preferred a "Syrah" style glass for bringing out the best expression of the Argentine Malbec.

As reported on the WineSur  website, an "ideal glass" for Malbec had already been presented by Georg Riedel last year, but it did not get the anticipated acceptance. The recent visit also marks Riedel’s return to Argentina after a ten years’ absence   "Because it was impossible to import our products into the country," says Georg Riedel.  If the industry adopts the Argentine Malbec glass, Riedel plans to develop a Torrontés glass (first tests indicate that it will be close to the Riesling glass shape). The Riedel group also includes Spiegelau glassware and Nachtmann crystal glassware in Bavaria.



[Illustration: Riedel]


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