Chinese wines: Ningxia Xixia King seeks advice from Bordeaux consultants in order to triple production

Thursday May 15 2014 by Vitisphere


The Ningxia Xixia King Winery, directed by Hong Wang, is looking to strengthen its market position in China by developing both the quality and quantity of its production and has signed a contract with the Libourne-based laboratory, OenoTeam (represented by one of its founders, oenologist Thomas Duclos) at the end of March. The subsidiary of the Ningxia Farms and Land Reclamation group, founded in 1984, produces the bulk equivalent of 13 million bottles per year and sells 5.2 million bottles. It aims to triple its production, in line with its vatting capacity, to become the 5th largest producer of Chinese wine in China. It is currently 7th in terms of market share.

The winery’s extensive range of wines is produced only for the Chinese market and will be positioned more strongly within the premium segment in order to meet sales objectives of 5 billion RMB. The irrigated vineyards that supply the Ningxia Xixia King Winery are located in Yinchuan, in the autonomous region of Ningxia, and are protected from the Gobi desert by the Helan Shan mountains. The traditional red Bordeaux grape varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, are grown here as well as the main Chinese grape variety, Cabernet Gernischt, and international white varieties such as Chardonnay and Riesling.

The Libourne-based laboratory OenoTeam was founded by consultant oenologists, Julien Belle, Thomas Duclos and Stéphane Toutoundji and now advises 300 wine estates throughout France and the world (including China, Turkey, Portugal etc.).


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