The Tutiac Cooperative: A target of +25% in its current vineyard area to meet demand

Thursday April 24 2014 by Vitisphere


Founded in the Blaye area forty years ago, the Vignerons de Tutiac cooperative winery is proud of its 2013 sales record: 226,746 hectolitres of wine sold, exceeding the 10 million bottle sales mark for the first time.  But with the small Bordeaux harvest of 2013 (coming just after the already small 2012), the Vignerons de Tutiac already know that they are bound to be down in 2014. However this does not stop them from planning over the longer term. The cooperative "has no choice but to grow" in terms of production capacity, according to wine grower, Stephane Héraud, the cooperative's president, who is seeing demand outstrip the coop’s production.

The Board of Directors has therefore just approved the plan to increase the supply area to 5,000 hectares. This represents a 25% increase in its current vineyard area which is apparently in line with the cooperative's current vinification and packaging capacity. This objective will be supported by financial aid, which will be used as an incentive for the expansion of existing domaines and the recruitment of private wineries.  As well as enabling the sales growth strategy, this plan is also intended to convey a message of optimism "in these difficult times, where some have questions and doubts".  Emphasizing the advantage of working collectively, the cooperative has "also decided to give its members special support by increasing their remuneration by 24% over two years."

The Tutiac cooperative currently unites 550 growers, mainly producing Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur AOC wines (red, white, rosé and clairet) and Côtes de Blaye and Côtes de Bourg.



[Source: Vitisphere; Illustration: Vignerons de Tutiac]



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