Bordeaux wines: 26 bottles sold every second in 2013 [exclusive]

Monday March 31 2014 by Vitisphere


As the ‘primeurs’ week approaches and bud burst starts in the vineyards, 2014 seems to be about to kick-off in Bordeaux. While waiting for it to get into full swing, the conclusion on the 2013 is unanimous: last year marked a crucial turning point for Bordeaux. Production was particularly problematic in this year (it was the smallest Bordeaux harvest since 1991*) as were sales.  Looking back at last year’s results, wine producer and  president of the “Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins de Bordeaux”,  Bernard Farges particularly stresses “an interruption of our export growth curve in volume and value after the all-time highs of 2012”.

In 2013, the Bordeaux region exported 2.31 million hectolitres of wine generating a turnover of 2.14 billion euros (respectively +0.3 and -2 %). China remained the top export market for Bordeaux (accounting for one fifth of export volume) but export figures showed a dip (425 000 hl, -16 %), as they did in Hong-Kong (80 000 hl, -23 %). “This market, which has experienced exponential growth, needs to pause for breath and is becoming more mature” says Bernard Farges, who remains convinced that “China has enormous potential and we are very well established there”.

The July 2013 MAT showed  Bordeaux selling a total of 5.57 million hl (+0.3 % compared to the previous period). Because of this stability, the Interprofession remains confident in the future, especially after the ”second break” experienced in 2013: “the inversion of stock ratios and market balance” coming on top of ”our collective efforts, which have contributed to this reduction of stocks”, according to Bernard Farges.


* with 3.84 million hectolitres of wine produced in the Bordeaux AOC wine areas, i.e. -27 % compared to 2012.


[Source: Vitisphere; Illustration: CIVB]


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