Italy: Wine exports exceed 5 billion euros

Friday March 28 2014 by Vitisphere


2013 was a sparkling year, a “boom of bubbles”, according to the “Institut des Services au Marché Agricole” (ISMEA), who, in its latest report on foreign trade,  enthuses about the new Italian wine export sales record: 5.04 billion euros, a positive trade balance of 4.8 billion euros*. Although Italian turnover has risen by 7.3 %, the volume exported shows a dip of 4.3 % (to 20.3 million hectolitres). According to the ISMEA, this has come about due “to the increase in production prices during 2012-2013” (the export of bulk wines experienced 11% growth in value, while volume fell by 12 %). However, the market prices were inflected, “at the end of the year the market prices were lower than those of the previous year”.

This record is fuelled primarily by double-digit growth in Italian sparkling wine sales: +13 % by volume and +18 % by value (2 million hl generating 735 million euros). Prosecco alone recorded a growth of 27 % in both volume and value (Asti Spumante AOC sales were less dynamic, with a growth of 3 % by volume and 17 % by value). Overall, all categories of Italian wines showed a decrease in shipment volumes: -2 % for the IGP (PGI) wines (to 5.5 million hl), -5 % for the VSIG (non-GI) wines (to 5.3 million hl) and -3 % for the AOP (PDO) wines (to 4.7 million hl).

The United States remains Italy’s most important export market by value, importing 2.95 million hectolitres of wine worth 1.07 milliard euros (respectively +0.8 and +7.1 % compared to 2012). Germany is Italy’s top customer by volume, with 5.9 million hl worth 1.01 billion euros (i.e. -4 et +6.4 %). The United Kingdom ranks third in value and volume, importing 2.91 million hl worth 618 million euro (+0.9 and +15.4 %).


* : by way of comparison, the Spanish wine trade balance was € 2.43 billion. It was € 9.5 billion in France for wine and spirits.


[Illustration: Vinitaly, Italian wine fair (from 6 to 9 April 2014)]



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