Press Release : CADUS recrutes Ryan Render as Director of Sales for Tonnellerie CADUS North America

Friday February 28 2014 by Vitisphere

After 18 years of expertise in the wine and barrel business, Ryan Render takes over from Vincent Bouchard of Cadus for the American and Canadian wine territories.


«Vincent Bouchard has been the architect of Cadus in North America and certainly a key man in the development of our brand over the past 17 years». «We thank him and his team for their commitment to Cadus, and we are glad he remains a shareholder and a member of the board».
As Cadus has been developing some new offers, mainly through SENSORIEL range, along with the volume of its business, the Board of Directors has decided to move to a new business structure in North America and Canada, to be able to deploy its barrel aging solutions in the best conditions.


«Ryan Render incarnates a generation of barrel and wine professionals who meets the new market expectations».
«He brings with him 18 years of experience and expertise, which will provide our clients with Ryan’s vision of «Tonnellerie à la Française» which totally fits our own barrel culture».


Ryan Render takes over his position
on the 1rst February 2014.

CADUS was founded in 1996 as an ambitious project to bring together different skills, knowledge and competence. Although an ardent defender of «Tonnellerie à la Française» for its traditions, methods and style, the company also produces innovative, modern solutions to meet new clients requirements.


CADUS employs more than 30 professional coopers and has a support team managing purchases, wood stock and client relationships.




CADUS produces three main ranges of French oak barrels:

- The «made to order» ORIGINE range
- The SENSORIEL range expressing predetermined aromatic profiles
- The top of the range, reserved for exceptional wines, CbyCADUS


François Paquito Barbier, CEO







Contact Info:
Ryan Render - Director of Sales
Tonnellerie Cadus North America
PO Box 4998 - Paso Robles, Ca 93447 -


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