French National Heritage to welcome Wine

Thursday February 27 2014 by Vitisphere


Montaigne supposedly wrote:"Pour them good wine, they will write good laws". If the saying proves to be right, the French Assemblee Nationale's cellar must be smaller than the Senate's. In 1991, the then Health Minister MP Claude Evin backed an eponymous law limiting Wine communication in France by fostering a heated debate about Health issues related to Alcohol consumption and making it all but impossible - even today - to speak serenely about these matters.
The tone is quite different today as Senate's "Commission des Affaires Economiques" met on February 19 and voted an amendment to a new Agricultural bill "recognising vines and wine as part of the National Heritage".
If such proposals are not new, a political backing can only be a plus and brings comfort to an industry which prides itself for being the second largest contributor to France's Trade balance, this despite little governmental support.
It is however far from certain that this amendment will be part of the final bill when it goes back to the National Assembly in April following the French Mayoral elections. Let us hope that while they are meeting their constituents, the MPs will be open to their respective regions' winemakers arguments as well as to drinking good wines!



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