Willi Klinger : « Austrian Wines have to find new export markets »

Tuesday February 25 2014 by Vitisphere


Austrian wine exports amounted to 137.5 million euros in 2013 vs 128.5 in 2012, ie an 8% increase. This despite lower volumes (45.5m vs 46m).

We are far from the records of 2003 which saw Austrian wine exports reach 80m litres knowing that since 1985, exports in value have jumped by 300%.


Willi Klinger, Managing Director of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board (AWMB) when speaking to Drinks Business said : « It is noticable that sales growth is not coming from our biggest historic markets like Germany, Switzerland or the USA but from countries we thought were « problem childs », specifically Scandinavia, the Benelux, the Uk and Japan. In addition we have positive signs coming out of Central Europe ».

The Chinese market is pursuing its progression (+50% in volume, similar to the previous year) with a high average price of 7 euros per litre. The AWNB believes part of this export growth is due to an increasingly competitive domestic market due to the emergence of many new producers. Austria had a 1000 wine estates in 2009 but 1600 by 2012. However the volumes in 2013 are 7% lower than the average of the last 5 vintages at 2,25m HL. Willi Klinger explains that  « when exporting our niche , upmarket approach is not sufficient and we need to increase the number of the countries where Austrian Wines can find consumer demand matching its niche status »


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