Negoce : Ariane Khaida to become new head of Duclot (part of the Videlot Holding)

Wednesday February 12 2014 by Vitisphere

Managing Director of Descaves since 2008, Ariane Khaida will run Duclot from March 3 onwards. She will succeed Jean Moueix who will - from now on -  focus on Petrus as well as the family holding  Videlot (which includes Petrus and Duclot’s activities : export, cavistes, training,…).

This change of leadership coincides with Champagnes Louis Roederer’s increasing its stake in Descaves by acquiring additional shares from Duclot. Looking forward to heading a « great maison which covers all apsects of wine distribution », Ariane Khaida is currently wrapping up the transition phase at Descaves with her successor at the firm’s head Laurent Elichondoborde. Joining the firm last December, he broke a tradition of women directors : Ariane Khaida followed France Chauvin who herself held the top spot following the death of Jeanne Descaves in 1999.

After having opened a Bordeauxtheque counter at Beijing’s Nouvelles Galeries (piggy backing on the Paris version opened in 2011), Duclot, has recently opened a new storage facility in Martignas sur Jalle. With a 10 million bottles capacity, this new storage entity will lead to the closure of existing storage facilities. « We felt constrained following the 2009 and 2010 vintages » comments Elisabeth Jaubert ( Petrus Ambassador) who refrains from commenting on the 2013 vintage. « This vintage is short in quantity but there doesn’t seem to be any high demand, it doesn’t rank high in the expectations : a drop in price could create that momentum »

[Source : Vitisphere ; Picture of Ariane Khaida : Duclot group]


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