Wine related special events in the hospitality sector : its pays to strategize

Monday February 10 2014 by Vitisphere


As the gastropub wave is growing again and cooking has gained further attention (all thanks to an onslaught of TV programs, magazines and specialty shops focused on the topic), several french wineries have worked out outposts in the Paris’ Bistrots : Paris enjoys Alsace Wines, Art’by Cabernet Anjou…

Within these appellations, the Blaye Cotes de Bordeaux (fka Premieres Cotes de Blaye) are on the foreront, with 18 consecutive years organising the « Blaye au Comptoir » event (and a 19th in October 2014).

According to the « Union des Cotes de Bordeaux », with 50 winemakers canvassing the restaurants, brasseries and wine bars (in all Paris arrondissements and the near suburbs), this event not only aims at getting people aware of the appelation but also get « closer to the consumer ».

This long term brand building exercise is not limited to the Capital. Following an unsuccesfull trial in Saint-Malo (for the Brittany Cartoon Festival), the Blaye Wines have created a base in Bordeaux. They recently launched the 7th edition of ‘Blaye au Comptoir ». Closer to home (Blaye is 45 kms North of bordeaux), 50 winemakers will regularly man the City’s bars and restaurants. This event costs 30.000 euros to run (including communication, billboards, radio,etc…)


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