South Africa : wine exports break a new record (exclusive)

Friday January 31 2014 by Vitisphere


South Africa is the World’s 8th largest wine producer.

In 2013, wine exports reached the record number of 5,257,000 HL , up 26% from 2012.

With 4,173,000 HL, 2012 already saw a 16.7% jump from 2011. Exports run at 46% of total output making South Africa the 6th largest wine exporter in volume globally.

Last year, exports increased to the UK, Germany and the USA (at +37% !).

Other major exports markets are the Netherlands and Sweden. For the Wine Organisation of South Africa (WOSA) which communicated these numbers (though only by volume not by value), behind this success lies the small European harvest of 2012, namely in France. Knowing that the weaker Rand also helped.

[Source : Vitisphere ; Picture : WOSA]


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