Vine and Wine MPs : Francois Patriat co-chairs the association

Monday February 03 2014 by Vitisphere


The French National Association of Vine and Wine MPs (ANEV) has elected its new co-chairman : the senator Francois Patriat (Cote d’Or), who is also President of the Burgundy region. His predecessor,Senator Roland Courteau (Aude) recently grabbed the headlines with his law proposal on Wine communication.

Francois Patriat will share the presidency with Philippe-Armand Martin, Marne Deputy.


Created in 1999, the ANEV is a « bi-partisan network of MPs from all wine regions and political sides ». The ANEV met on January 28 at the National Assembly for this vote and reaffirm its future involvement in the forthcoming parliementary debates on wine and health issues (click here for more on this topic). While the ANEV will be on alert, it also wants to have a proactive role in the debate, focusing on what is sees as a critical topic, the settling of winemakers.



[Source : Vitisphere ; Picture of senator François Patriat : information lettre from Senate]



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