Bottling : the Bordeaux Negoce invests in training

Thursday January 30 2014 by Vitisphere

Among the largest European bottling units, the Caves de Landiras (Grand Chais de France) , with 6 bottling units running at a maximum capacity of 82,000 bottles an hour (or 1,3 million a day) is an impressive sight.

« With such a scale and high volumes, the process is very industrial. We have thousands of references leading to a multiplicity of labels,etc… » says a bottling chain manager in charge of exports. He adds that « while a constraint it allows us great reactivity to our clients’ needs »

If the manufacturing models need to adapt to ever changing regulations (IFS, BRC norms,…), this also applies to the staff.

January 21 saw 35 employees of the firm graduate from a Professional Certification program. This program will eventually train 150 employees over 3 years (of which 50 are job seekers). Behind this initiative is Serge Melchior (Director of the Landiras Unit) which recalls the difficult situation of 1994.

Following the acquisition of the Landiras site from Moet et Chandon, « we had difficulties hiring staff for many years event though some positions remained vacant and unemployment figures were high in the region . We therefore looked at motivating our personnel, increased training programs and got them involved ».

Impressed by this approach, the Fonds d’Assurance Formation des Salariés des Entreprises et des Exploitations Agricoles looks at replicating this program throughout the Bordeaux Negoce whether aimed at existing personnel or job seekers. Other parts of the Wine industry could also move in such a direction, namely in the fields of Maintenance and Viticultural Machinery.


[Picture : Joseph Helfrich (PDG of GCF), on Jan. 21, handing a degrees Certification of Professional Qualification]



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