Torrential rains : the Var vignoble is (again) under water

Friday January 31 2014 by Vitisphere




To the despair of the Provence winemakers, history repeats itself. The heavy rain falls of January 2014 are a reminder of the November 2011, June 2010,… floods.

2 individuals lost their life following the rainfalls of January 18 and 19 (up to 110 millimeters fell in Collobrières). Thousands of hectares of vines are still flooded and loss estimates are yet hard to come by. As they are starting the clean-up process, the vignerons have first tried to save their machines and their stored wines from floods and landslides.

Jerome Desprey (President of the Vin de France/Agrimer commitee) meeting with winemakers this Tuesday told how « shocked he was by the scale of the of damages » and called upon « Stephane Le Foll (Ministry of Agriculture) and Philippe Martin (Ecological Ministry) to find solutions to better manage waterways. Better protect our Agriculture than some frogs !».

These repeated floods do raise the question of which – if any -  preventive measures exist knowing that the Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault while in the Var this Monday called for their strenghtening.


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