Millesime Bio : the Fair opens its (bigger) doors

Thursday January 30 2014 by Vitisphere

The Wine Fair Millesime Bio just opened and is witnessing strong affluence (if you go to the Fair you will have a hard time finding a parking slot).

At the launch press conference, the organisers highlighted the opportunity for Bio wines in what is an evolving wine industry. This 21st edition saw the fair increase its size by opening a 3rd hall.  Despite cap on participants policy close to 700 exhibitors showed up in 2014 versus 630 in the previous years.

Worries about the Supply/Demand imbalance are still prevalent though supply seems to be on the up (this will be one of the topic of tomorrow’s yearly Agence Bio’s Conference).

Retail distribution representatives are attending the fair showing their keen interest in Bio wines as they are facing ever more inquisitive clients seeking clarity and quality in their wines. Frederic Husser, owner of the Brasserie du Corum and Husser Traiteur states that « Clients feel good about the Bio label both for wines and food ». Charles Fontes, Head Chef at La Reserve Rimbaud insists on the public’s information thirst, more precise and demanding, focused on the tracability of the food, « not only do I mention on the menus which ingredients have a Bio background, I will also give the producer’s name this for transparency’s sake ».



[Source : Vitisphere ; Picture : Anne Serres (Vitisphere)]


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