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Tuesday January 28 2014 by Vitisphere


While a toughening of the Loi Evin will remain a key topic of the coming debates on Wine and Public Health, French Senator Roland Courteau (Parti Socialiste, Aude) has submitted- alongside 15 other Parliament members – a legal  amendment aiming at « differentiating wine from other alcoholic beverages », especially when it comes to communication.

The Senators’ viewpoint is that « more than any beverage, wine relies on communication, this to convey its diversity linked to the multiplicity of terroirs, varietals, climates and production techniques ».

Opposed to « putting all alcoholic beverages in the same basket », the MP asks for a more discriminating drink prevention policy which would single out wines ;

This could translate into excluding wines from the Health and Public Safety law L.3323-2.

If their proposal is voted, wine related ads would still be monitored but TV sponsoring would be allowed as well as access to all communication channels (to th exception of youth related media). The text also wants to limit the health message to one of moderate drinking.

As a member of the Economic Affairs committee and the group overseeing studies in vines and wine this is not Roland Courteau’s first wine-friendly legal attempt.

Last October, he put forward a new proposal « promoting wine as being an integral part of french cultural and gastronomical heritage ». In 2012, he was also behind the draft law which would have seen winemakers paid an upfront advance payment of 15% when agreeing on pluri-annual sales contracts.



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