The right quantity at the right time : Record exports figures for South African Wines.

Tuesday January 21 2014 by Vitisphere


2013 will be remembered as a record vintage for South Africa : 1,49 million tonnes of harvested grapes and 5,26 million Hectoliters of exported wines (respectively +5,4% and +26% from 2012). Following record 2012 numbers, 2013 is even better thanks to « a spectacular harvest which allowed South Africa to fill in the gap left by a less than generous European vintage » mentions Siobhan Thompson, the new head of the trade association Wines of South Africa (WoSA).

Illustrative of that supply opportunity, bulk wines amounted to 65% of all exported wines vs 50% in 2012.

Thanks to the above, Russia has become South Africa’s 3rd largest market (37,3 millions Liters, +18%) overcoming Sweden. UK remains at first place (1,11m HL, +21%). For Siobhan Thompson « it is very promising to see big increases in our 2 largest markets, especially when it comes to packed wines (+31% in the UK and +17% in Germany) ».

However, a recent news program by the TV network eNews Channel Africa highlighted how the weakness of the Rand had also a positive impact in the short term but that long term things would not always look so advantageous.




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