Precision wine making : Bernard Magrez invests 50,000 euros in a drone

Monday January 06 2014 by Vitisphere

In addition to 40 Chateaux, Bernard Magrez now owns one the first drones ever to be used in the Bordelais.

Up and running this week, this camera-mounted flying robot will scan 20 hectares of vines in 6 hours.

This speed and programmed precision will allow for big productivity gains.

For example explains Jeanne Lacombe (manager of the Medoc wineries of the Bernard Magrez group) « to spot dead vines, we will go from a week with a workforce of 8 to half a day for the 120 hectares of Château La Tour Carnet »

Simply (!)  called « L’Excellence », this 8 propeller machine was built by Novadem (Aix en Provence based) while the software was developed by Xametrics (from Rivesaltes) ;

With a 5km range, it flies up to 2500 meters.

For Jeanne Lacombe, the main benefit of this 50,000 euros investment will be « the improvement of the wine’s quality. Thanks to NDV* (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) based measurements, the mapping of the wine plots will get even more detailed and allow for better manual harvesting. The drone will be used in February-March with an intensive use from flowering onwards ».


[Source : Vitisphere, Drone pictured at Château Pape Clement, domaines Bernard Magrez]


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