Swiss: The Confederation Helvetique has confirmed its aim at protecting its AOC wines.

Tuesday December 10 2013 by Vitisphere

It is not allowing its Vins de Pays and Table to label its production with date and varietal characteristics.

Initially the yearly review of Food and Wine legislation concluded that all wines should follow same rules, this to meet  EU laws in force since 2009 dealing with AOP, IGP and VSIG.

Echoing the demands expressed by winemakers from Vaud and Geneva, the Chancellerie d’Etat from the Neufchatel Canton criticised this amendment which “would weaken all wine categories”.

The Société des Encaveurs de Vins Suisses and the Association Nationale des Coopératives Viti-vinicoles suisses have requested a Status-Quo “not to harm AOC and IGP wines any further. We could see Syrah, Petite Arvine, Chasselas, Pinot Noir etc wines being produced anarchically, without controls or rules which would dent the credibility of AOC and IGP while increasing the produced quantities”.
These demands have been met. The Federation des Vins Vaudois is delighted by the decision taken which “will allow us to separate ourselves from imported wines, to showcase what our AOC stands for, ie strict application of production processes, the top ranking of wines”.

European wines are not hot by this ruling and can still mention production years, varietals when imported to Switzerland.

[Source : Vitisphere]


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