European Union give Argentina 5 million euros to create a consortium of small wine cellars

Thursday November 28 2013 by Kelsie Adams

Al Invest, the European Union’s major international Cooperative Programme for Latin America has just invested five million euros to create a new argicultural consortium for Mendoza (Argentina). The consortium consists of four wine cellars and an olive oil producer. Christened ‘Los buenos, de vides y olivos’  this partnership incorporates companies from the Luján, Cuyo and Maipú regions.

The news agency Télam states that this initiative was presented in the framework of the the cooperative programme for the promotion of wine producing between Argentina and the European Union. The sum given by Al Invest will be managed by the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA), which Nicolás Elicabe estimates to have launched 19 promotion/export consortiums, eight of which are in the wine industry.

To move these wine producing consortiums forward, the UIA is working in association with Coviar and Bodegas de Argentina (who represent cooperative cellars and individual business owners in Argentina). Each consortium will receive a full time manager and a fixed sum of money to develop their promotional and shareholder activities. The programme aims to prived continutal support so as to provide the total costs and investment from the beginning right up until the activity level is steady.




[Source : Vitisphere Iberica]


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