Ackerman takes over the Loire domains of the Reybier Dubois Champagnes group

Friday November 15 2013 by Kelsie Adams

Having gone into administration at the beginning of this year ; the Pressoirs de France group was taken over by Michel Reybier (owner of Cos d’Estournel in Saint-Estèphe and the hungarian domains of Hétszölö and Lencsès Dülö), who renamed it Reybier Dubois Champagnes, making it clear that the founder of the Pressoirs de France group (Nicolas Dubois) would remain at the helm. In the middle of the 2000s Pressoirs de France had bought two domains in Saumur : one in Puy Notre Dame and one in Montreuil-Bellay. Taking a chance the development of the Jeeper Champagne house, the Reybier Dubois Champagnes group has just got rid of these assets in the Loire (115 hecatres and the vat-room).

Ackerman, the leader in sparkling wines from the Loire, has taken control of these two domains, which represent, «both strategic and georgraphic opportunities, » according to the Ampelio cabinet who carried out the transaction. They also stated that « the two vineyards are very close to the Ackerman Vaudelnay winery. » Securing the quantity and quality of its provisions allows Ackerman to consolidate their role as « the best vineyard of sparkling wine in France. » In 2012 Ackerman had a turnover of 46.3 million euros (55% of which came from sparkling wine) from selling 23 million bottles.




[Photo : Ackerman]


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