The Pellenc Group completes takeover of hardware company Péra

Wednesday November 13 2013 by Kelsie Adams

As first revealed by Vitisphere in September, the purchase of the company Péra by the Pellenc group has just been finalised. The Pellenc Group have confirmed, in a press release, the acquisition of « the hardware company Péra, specialists in the conception and creation of wine making equipment »: from the very beginning of the harvest right up to using the automatic sulphur dose dispenser (Sulphidoseur). This merger will bring together Pellenc’s international commercial network strategy and the wine making expertise of Péra. Until now, Pellenc has only been able to offer cellar owners their pre-sorting, de-seeding and crushing systems. With Péra, the group is now in the market of pneumatic presses, prefermenting treatments, pumps and heat treatments using a coaxial exchanger...

The merger is to take place in 2014. The Pellenc Group, which was founded 60 years ago, has 900 employees, 12 subsiduaries, 6 industrial sites and an annual turnover of 120 million euros. Péra is a family owned business, and has been since is started in 1896. It has 168 employees and a turnover of 29 million euros.



[Image : Pellenc]


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