Small harvests in German suggest a rise in prices

Tuesday November 05 2013 by Kelsie Adams

« Due to bad weather during the flowering period of June 2013 the vines have not been able to produce the expected number of grapes ». This statement about the precarious harvests actually comes from Germany, where particularly late harvests have been dragging on, although it could have come from certain regions in France. CEO of the Institute of German Wines (the Deutsches Weininstitut) Monika Reule, suggests  the harvests are even smaller than intially thought. With 8.4 million hectolitres of wine produced in 2013, Germany experienced a 7% drop in production compared to 2012 and a 9% drop on the ten-year average.

German production does, however, vary from region to region: from a net decline in Moselle (-25%) to some of the best harvests in the Ahr Valley and Saale-Unstrut (+30% and +48% respectively) and also some more stable areas (Hesse-Rhenana, Francoine and Saxe). As a result of this unexpected drop in production, the DWI has predicted that wine prices will rise.



[Photo : DWI]


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