Yanick Dehandschutter named the Best Sommelier of Belgium 2013

Wednesday October 23 2013 by Kelsie Adams

For the 5th edition of the prize, Yanick Dehandschutter (sommelier at Sir Kwinten in Lennick)  has been awarded the prize of the Best Sommelier of Belgium. The event, which took place on 13th October, saw 11 sommeliers tested on pairings, blind testing, champagne service and decanting a red wine. The final was organised by the Belgian Sommeliers Guild (Gilde des Sommeliers de Belgique), who followed the event with their annual gala.

On the very same day as this final, Belgium also won the inaugural World Championship for Wine Tasting (organised by La Revue du vin de France).



[Photo of Yanick Dehandschutter Jean-Marc BrasseurGilde des Sommeliers de Belgique]


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