The Special Council of FranceAgriMer has well and truly spent its 2012-2013 budget

Tuesday October 22 2013 by Kelsie Adams

On 15th October, members of the Special Council of FranceAgriMer (Conseil Spécialisé Vin de FranceAgriMer), could breathe again. During the period 2012-2013 they used all of the 280.3 million euros that they were allocated by the Common Organisation of the Market in Wine. Thanks to a 20 – 50% rise in advances this summer, to help investment, and the mobilisation of FranceAgriMer’s services (which were increased for the occasion), the fear of under using their budget has been forgotten. The investments used the most money (118.4 million euros), followed by vineyard restructuring (110.1 million euros). Loans in the wine industry remain in decline (34.7 million euros), whilst the promotion of wine in other countries has also dropped (17.1 million euros or 6% of the budget).

The President of the Special Council, Jérôme Despey, claims that this budget « allows the wine industry to make a strucural investment in its future ». Taking his word, Stéphane le Foll, Minister of Agriculture, has asked professionals in the wine industry to think about their strategic planning for the next 10 years. At the end of three discussion meetings, a plan will be presented to the Special Countil on 18th December 2013.




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