Saumur receives the René Renou prize for oenotourism thanks to « La Grande Tablée »

Thursday October 17 2013 by Vitisphere

Having already been recognised by the Minister of Agriculture as an event of public interest, the 3rd edition of the Saumur « Grand Tablées » has just been awarded the René Renou prize, voted for by National Association of Elected Wine and Vine Officials (ANEV) and the International Federation of Wine and Spirits Journalists and Writers (FIJEV). The jury decided that Saumur has « worked the hardest, over the course of the year, to promote and defend the cultural heritage of vitivulture », seeing as the idea (also relating to FestiVini), « has the potential to be an example and to be replicated in other areas».

When we break it down into numbers, the « Grand Tablée » uses one tonne of vegetables and deli meats, two kilometres of tables, 2,000 baguettes and 3,500 bottles of wine from the local AOC region of Saumur Champigny. In 2012 the Mariac Jazz Festival received this prize, which pays hommage to René Renou, a wine producer from Anjou and the symbolique president of the National Committee of Wines and Spirits of the INAO, who died in 2006.

Previous winners are the town of Bergheim, for the « Gewurstraminer Festival » the Drôme region for its Wine Museum and its University of Wine, the district of the Lunel regions for « Viavino », the town of Ouveillan for « Vendages du Coeur » and the town of Tours for « Vitiloire ».


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[Photo : Saumur Tourist Office]


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