WorldSom shakes up International wine waiting and training

Tuesday October 15 2013 by Kelsie Adams

Tell me what you are drinking and I will tell you which country you come from. This is the game that eleven students from WorldSom, International Sommelier School of the Bordeau Chamber of Commerce and Industry, were playing as they headed back for a new semester. Each student has brought an iconic alcohol beverage from their own region : Italian Grappa, South African Amarula, Lebonese Arak, English Pimms, Indian Whisky, Gabonese Palm Wine etc. A truely internation platform, without forgetting a trip to France (Lillet and Chartreuse were brought along by the two French representatives.) It was following this ‘back to school’ toast that the first promotion of WorldSom took possession of the old Port Library of Bordeaux.

The figures are also rather remarkable : 10 nationalities, 10 weeks of lessons and a one month placement, alondside 350 hours of lessons, 1000 wines and spirits tasted, five of the best sommeliers in the world on the teaching board and school fees rising to 12,500 for this niche training programme (20 students are accepted). Head of training, Josiane Himmelberger, believes that this programme is filling a gap in the market. « There is very little on offer as a means of training as a sommelier. Those that there are, such as the Master Sommelier, require an enormous personal committment. We are offering exactly the opposite by bring students together in classes ». This training is also responding to the increasing demand for qualified sommeliers, especially seeing as practical qualifications are being threatened


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