Jura expects an even smaller harvest than in 2012

Friday October 11 2013 by Kelsie Adams

In Jura, vineyards are half-way through harvest and the outlook is not good. The quality of the grapes will be « good to average » but the area suffered from an overly cold and humid spring and, in addition, high levels of treatment were needed to keep the sometimes staggering attacks of botrytis at bay. Jean-Charles Tissot, the president of the Jura Interprofessional Wine Committee, is not denying that the 2013 harvest will yield a small crop :

« We had expected the harvest to produce around 69,000 hl, roughly the same as 2012, which is lower than average. However, it seems that we could well have an even lower yield. It is hard to give an accurate assessment because the large vineyards are only half way through harvest. However, production will be between 62,000 and 68,000 hl given the low yield expected from certain grape varieties, most notably Savagnin and Poulsard and particularly in the Arbois area, which produces almost half of Jura wines. These grape varieties suffered from a cold and rainy spring with water-saturated soils...we will be able to make a more accurate prediction at the end of next week ».


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