Local celebration of IGP wines from Languedoc

Thursday October 10 2013 by Vitisphere

IGP wines from the Languedoc region (except Pays d’Oc) are celebrating the end of the harvest by organising the inaugural Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) wine festival. This event will take place over three evenings and will be aimed at the general public. For the entry price of 5 euro, each guest will be given a glass, which can then be used to taste all of the IGP wines that are present. There will also be access to a regional buffet, made with local produce. Musicians will provide entertainment throughout the evenings.

Pont du Gard, Cévennes, Côtes de Thongue, Vicomté d’Aumelas, Cité de Carcassonne and Pays d’Aude all make up part of the 19 IGP departments or production zones in Languedoc, 8 of which are in l’Aude, 3 in le Gard and 8 in l’Hérault. Varietal, blended, and wines of all colours (but with a large amount of rosé): the wines represent two million hectolitres of wine from 2012, which constitutes just 16% of regional wine production.

The three tasting events will take place :

in Monptellier, at the Jean-Claude Carrière theatre in the Domain d’O on Friday 18th October. The trendy tones of Carte Blanche et Blacky, a jazz brass-band, will provide a perfect ‘bodega chic’ atmosphere. in Narbonne, at the cours Mirabeau on Friday 25th October. Wines from l’Aude and Pays Cathare will be showcased and entertainment will come from La Milone. in Nîmes, on the patio of the Novotel Atria, near the esplanade on Thursday 31st October. A buffet with produce approved by the ‘Bienvenue à la ferme’ group will be served. Acoustic music from Trio V .A will ensure a relaxed, ‘lounge’ atmosphere.


[Image : IGP Coteaux du Pont du Gard]


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