The wine industry has mobilised to push back threats of tax « for the sake of the public’s health »

Monday September 30 2013 by KA

After being put under, both morale and fiscal, pressure, the French association Vin et Société has set all of its means of communication in motion to plead with the President and the Prime Minister to put an end to five recently proposed measures : a ban on talking about wine on the internet, a ban on portraying wine in a good light in adverisements, a higher tax on wine for the sake of public health,  toughening the health message and increasing the severity of health warnings on labels.

Championed by the site and the hashtag #casaoule (roughly translated as #thatsmessedup) this mobilsation campaign reaped the benefits within a few days. The campaign was launched on Thursday 26th September and by Friday the measures of the government’s campaign to crack down on drugs and addictive behaviour had already been changed, removing all talk of banning the subject of wine in the media. By visiting vineyards in Cahors this Saturday, Stéphane Le Foll, the Minister of Agriculture, has also reduced worries of a rise in wine tax for 2014.


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