Cognacs: to answer international demand, maximal yield is rised up to 11,71 hl AP/ha

Monday June 03 2013 by Vitisphere

The Interprofessional National Office of Cognac (BNIC) just validated the annual maximum authorized yield for the grape harvests in 2013. It will amount to 13,21 hectoliters of pure alcohol by hectare, with 11.71 hl AP/ha marketable immediately and 1,5 hl AP/ha for reserve (in detail, 1 hl AP/ha will be marketable only from the account +4 and 0,5 hl AP/ha from the account +10).
This important yield has for objective to catch up the deficit of production registered in 2012. Last year, yield had been fixed to 10,83 hl AP/ha, but the unfavorable weather conditions and the fungus pressure reduced the effective yield down to 9,57hl AP/ha. Expedition of cognacs between April, 2012 and April, 2013 continue to testify of a steady dynamics, with 69,2 million bottles marketed for 2,42 billion euros (respectively +2,6% and +13,8%).
Furthermore, BNIC announced the implementation of an indicative yield for the grape harvests 2014 (10,39 hl AP/ha). This indicative efficiency for the harvest n+1 is also accompanied with a bottom yield (9.59 hl AP/ha).
[Illustration : BNIC]


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